Thursday, October 15, 2009

Increase performance of your sata Hard disk

. Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sata hard disk
With the advancing technology there has been a lot of improvements in tools and utilities provided to the users. The new SATA hard disk has an option provided to squeeze a little more performance out of your hard disk. This tool speeds up the performance of your hard disk by enhancing write caching. If your computer is not connected to a battery backup and you loose power you have a increased risk for data loss or corruption. If you have a laptop your chances of data loss or corruption are dramatically less since your laptop battery will kick on if your power source is lost.

What is Write Back Cache?

A disk or memory cache that supports the caching of writing.
Data normally written to memory or to disk by the CPU is first written into the cache. During idle machine cycles, the data are written from the cache into memory or onto disk. Write back caches improve performance, because a write to the high-speed cache is faster than to normal RAM or disk.

Write Back Adds a Delay
A write back cache for disks adds a slight amount of risk, because the data remain in volatile memory longer. At shut down, the operating system typically adds a small delay to ensure the write cache is emptied. If it is necessary to turn the computer off in a hurry because of an imminent loss of power, a write back cache will keep data in memory for a couple extra seconds before being saved to disk.

Go to My Computer, Right click, Properties.

>>Select the Hardware tab, click on Device Manager.

Look for Disk drives.

>>Select your Hard disk, right click on it and go to properties.

>>Select the Policies tab.

>>Click on "Enable write caching on the disk".

>>Hit OK and close Device Manager.