Sunday, September 27, 2009

Basic Shortcut Keys

. Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here is a list of basic shortcut keys that we use in Day to Day work. Many of you must be aware of these. One of my friend Yogesh Ghanekar suggested me to post these shortcuts because there are still many people unaware of these keys.

I know that regular use of these keys will surely help you to save time. I've started using these keys recently and I found that it eases up things a lot.

>> Alt+F :File Menu Options in Current Program

>> Alt+E :Edit Options in Current Program

>> Ctrl+A :Select All Text

>> Shift+Del :Cut Selected Item

>> Ctrl+X :Cut Selected Item

>> Ctrl+Ins :Copy Selected Item

>> Ctrl+C :Copy Selected Item

>> Shift+Ins :Paste

>> Ctrl+V :Paste

>> Home :Go To The Beginning of Current Line

>> Ctrl+Home :Go To The Beginning of the Document

>> End :Go To End of Current Line

>> Ctrl+End :Go To End of Document

>> Shift+Home :Highlight from Current Position to the Beginning of the Line

>> Shift+End :Highlight from Current Position to the End of the Line

>>F1 :Universal Help