Saturday, June 27, 2009

Use pen / flash drive as RAM

. Saturday, June 27, 2009

What do you do with your pen / flash drive?
Just copy movies and stuff and transfer data here and there.

You might just wonder about how ignorant you have been. Here is something that you might wonder why didn't you think of this.

How does more RAM help improve my Computer's speed?

RAM is Random Access Memory that provides space for your computer to read and write Data which is to be accessed by your processing unit. If you have more RAM on your computer you reduce the number of times of reading Data from your hard disk by your processor resulting your computer to give you a quick response.

Want to use your pen or flash drive as RAM?

Please follow:

>>Connect your pen drive to your Computer (minimum of 1GB is required or if you having 4 GB then its better)

>>Allow the system to detect your pen drive

>>Right click on the 'My Computer'

>>Select 'Properties' this will open the 'System Properties' dialog box

>>Go to 'Advanced' tab

>>Then in the 'Performance' section click on 'Settings'

>>Again look for the 'Advanced' tab

>>At the bottom of the dialog box you'll find a section of 'Virtual memory' click on 'Change' there

>>After the 'Virtual Memory' dialog box is opened select your pen drive from the 'Volume Label'

>>Then click on 'Custom size'

>>See for the space that is shown just above the custom size in the 'Space available' label

>>Enter the same value of space in the 'Initial size' and the 'Maximum size' boxes

>>Now reboot your computer

Run and get your pen/flash drives back from your friends.