Thursday, June 25, 2009

Internet Explorer as fast as Fire Fox

. Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are you an Internet Explorer fan but envy Firefox for its speed? Don't worry guys just think what does Firefox do that increases its speed and you'll find a solution for yourself.

Don't want to think??

Doesn't matter!!!

Well then your a normal person.

What Firefox does is that it creates multiple connections to the server. So when one connection goes down you are still on, the other connections keep the data flowing.

Follow these instructions:

>>Press 'start' and 'R' button on your keyboard

>>Type 'regedit' and then OK

>>Once you get in the registry, navigate to key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER

>>Look for 'Software' and double click on it

>>Search for 'Microsoft' and double click on it

>>Scroll down to 'Windows' and double click on it

>>Go to 'CurrentVersion' and double click on it

>>Find for 'InternetSettings' and double click on it

>>Right click on the right pane and create a new 'DWRD'

>>Name it as 'MaxConnectionsPerServer'

>>Double click on the 'DWORD' you just created

>>Set the value (higher the no, the better the speed eg:90)

>>Create another 'DWORD' and name it 'MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server'

>>Put a high value as mentioned above

>>Restart your Internet Explorer and you are done

Tip: If you have a Broadband connection you'll love this stuff.